Health & Hospitality

Our extensive experience working with healthcare facilities has prepared us to provide unparalleled hospitality services in the event of a global health crisis.


The following practices and policies have been implemented to reduce risk of exposure while delivering top notch customer Red Carpet service.

Personal Hygiene Practices

Hand sanitizer is used before and after any customer interaction and operating of vehicles.

Personal Protective Equipment

In accordance with CDC guidelines, all staff are wearing face coverings when in public.

Area Cleaning

Valet podiums, doors, and other high traffic areas or objects are cleaned regularly with disinfecting wipes.

Vehicle Cleaning

Valet staff wipe down all vehicle controls, steering wheels, door handles, and key fobs with disinfecting wipes prior to returning the car to its owner.

Social Distancing

Staff maintains recommended 6-foot distances from coworkers and customers to the extent possible.

Beyond Valet

In addition to traditional valet we also offer screening and health-centric ambassador services.

Health Screening

Whether it is infrared temperature screenings, symptom checklists, or ensuring face covering policies are being followed, we’re here to help.

Entry Management

Signs and visual aids can sometimes be confusing. Having an ambassador onsite can provide additional information to guests, sanitation of high-touch areas, and a friendly reassurance that health and safety is a top priority.

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